Rocket espresso machines

For years, ECM in Milan was one of the most renowned brands for espresso machines, including the famous classics Giotto and Cellini. Although they were at the forefront of many developments and the machines were known as just about the most reliable out there, this was unfortunately not the case for the company itself. The company went under during the credit crisis. The brand name ECM was bought by a German party that moved production to Heidelberg, so the modern ECMs are no longer an Italian product. However, the largest customer of ECM, the importer for Australia and New Zealand, saw an opportunity and decided to make a new start with the ECM factory in Milan, thus the brand “Rocket” was born.

Rocket machines are distinguished by smart innovations that preserve the old-fashioned solidity and classic looks. The machines are still largely handmade with great attention to detail and high-quality materials. Italian design in a modern jacket. The machines also have plenty to offer for lovers of modern technology. For example, the models from the Cronometro line are equipped with smartly designed shot timers and conveniently concealed PID controllers. Showpiece R Cinquantotto can be set to turn itself on and off at set times. This way you never have to wait for the machine to warm up early in the morning. Setting up the machine is done via a handy touch screen. This screen is attached to the machine with a magnet and can therefore be easily removed. So the modern functions do not detract from the classic looks.

Technical ingenuity combined with beautiful design, but are they also a bit solid? Since the introduction on the Dutch market, we have received the machines for maintenance. In addition to the usual maintenance due to use, we rarely see defects that arise from poor engineering. Many of the parts come from well-known suppliers, which makes the availability of the parts easy. Rocket machines are all equipped with a beautiful E61 brew group, an invention from 1961 by Faema, which remains the standard for the leading manufacturers to this day. The robust brass group (1.8 kg!) provides fantastic heat stability, essential for a good espresso!

The head is kept at temperature by the operation of the thermosyphon. The Rocket machines all have a boiler with a heat exchanger, the showpiece R58 even has two boilers! Where these machines occasionally passed us in the past, they have now become a fixed value in our range. With the Giotto, Mozzafiato and R Cinquantotto we have managed to add a nice line to the range. The machines are now in great demand and have also found their way onto the counters of some of our boys.

Would you like a detailed explanation and see the machines in real life? Make an appointment for a viewing in our showroom.

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