Quick Mill Tips and Trucs

- Names: All these different names: QuickMill, Poccino, La Messoni, Omre, yes, they are all machines from the QuickMill factory, we collected them under the name Quickmill. The components are also universal. QuickMill is one of the best espressomachines, if you maintain them well they can last for decades!

- Exploded View

- Steam pipe: The steam pipe / tap is the only vulnerable point of the QM and can leak while making coffee. The main reason for this is a dirty brew heas, which causes it to get clogged and the water will leak through the steam tap as the weakest point.

In our webshop the rings are available to overhaul the tap, see this set. It is a precise job and use heat-resistant grease for the o-rings. Note that if the inside is worn out, the tap will leak again quickly. Replacement of the steam valve is then the best solution.
Old steam cranes where the O-ring is not around the spindle can no longer be repaired, replacing for a new one is necessary.
Do you never steam? Then a replacement fitting can also be placed: replacement fitting. This replaces the entire steam pipe.

- Broken group thread: This may happe nif the thread is tightened too tight or when the group head has not been cleaned for a long time. The remaining piece can be removed and we have special tools to do this: please bring in your machine. (You can do it yourselves with a left-handed wire tab. Beware of cheap taps, they break easily and then it's no longer possible to do anything)

- The disc is broken or can not be removed: If your QM has not been cleaned for a long time, the disc may remain stuck. By removing the piston ring, place a flat screwdriver underneath the adapter disc and try to loosen it. In most cases they break in the middle:
The middle part of the disc stays stuck in the brew head, a sign that you need to clean your QM more often! Fortunately, we can repair this in most cases and we have special tools for this: bring in your machine. (You can try it yourself with a small sharp chisel and bash  the remaining part into two pieces. Be very careful not to damage the brew head!)

- Converting to ground coffee: A QM for ESE servings / pods / pads (eg 810 or 3010) can be converted to be suitable for ground coffee. See this special conversion kit. Note that, unlike ESE servings, there is a lot more cleaning!
How do you recognize a converted 810? The 810 filter carrier has only 2 lips/ears on the filter holder, the 820 has 3 lips.

- How to sse ESE Servings in your QM for lground coffee: A QM for ground coffee (eg 820, 835, 2820 or 3000/3035) can also be used for ESE servings. To do this, use the new type of flat group thread and the special filter basker for ESE servings. No further adjustments have to be done, isn;t that easy!

- The machine does not warm up. Almost always the coffee thermostat is broken, but it is easy to replace. Replace also always the safety thermostat as it only works once. The coffee thermostat is located on the left of the thermoblock ("9 hour") and can be screwed out. There are 100 and 105 degree thermostats available. Sometimes the difference can be read clearly on the thermostaat. Otherwise, the color of the thermoblock leads to the right thermostat, a shiny / silver thermoblock needs 100 degrees, a dobble gray thermoblock (older models) works at 105 degrees.

- Filters stuck in the brew head come off with a blow: Probably the piston ring or the retainers and springs are worn , or in the case of a new ring you can wipe it with a little vaseline. In case of worn retainer: alway replace all three of them, otherwise the filter basket will be pushed out slantwise.

- Water is pumped back into the reservoir immediately: the solenoid valve coil will be broken


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