Coffee grinders

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    Demoka M-203 grind-on-demand Inox
    Demoka M-203 grind-on-demand Inox

    This grinder has everything for the home barista, flat grinding blades with a large diameter, stepless adjustable and low speed.

    The flat grinding blades of 49 mm are made of hardened steel and therefore last for many years. The…

    € 249,00 € 205,00
  • Quamar M80E Alu Polish
    Quamar M80E Alu Polish

    The Italian manufacturer Quamar makes high quality coffee grinders for a competitive price. Our favorite of Quamar for the home barista is the M80E Grind-on-demand coffee grinder. The M80E sits between a professonal and a domestic…

    € 699,00
  • Quimboa coffee grinder
    Quimboa coffee grinder

    The Quimboa coffee grinder is the workhorse of Markibar, in both speed and freshness unmatched. The coffee doses for 1 and 2 cups filter can be set independently. Optional on the Quimboa grinder is the filter holder detection: the…

    € 1.250,00
  • ASPE coffee grinder
    ASPE coffee grinder

    The ASPE grinder is the showpiece of Markibar and the ideal tool for the barista, but a turn of the knob also the ideal tool for peak times! The ASPE has 2 separate doses and standard filter holder detection. The tube at the front…

    € 1.695,00
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