Spare parts Bezzera Hobby

The Bezzera Hobby is a small machine for home use, a distinction is made between the version before 2014 and after 2014. For 2014 the group is different from the 'normal' Bezzera group and the diameter of the tamper is 57mm, after 2014 the diameter 58mm.

  • Screw shower Bezzera BZserie
    Screw shower Bezzera BZserie

    Screw BZ M5x14 RVS


    € 0,70
  • Spring filterholder 58mm
    Spring filterholder 58mm

    For all machines with a 58mm filter (inner diameter = tamper diameter)

    Replace this spring when your filters fall out the portafilter.

    For E61 machines, Bezzera BZ series, QuickMill, Rancilio, Gaggia, Vibiemme, Marzocco, Cimbali…

    € 0,75
  • O-ring steampipe Bezzera Hobby
    O-ring steampipe Bezzera Hobby

    OR108 8,73x1,78


    € 1,25
  • Lubricant for filter holder (Portion)
    Lubricant for filter holder (Portion)

    With this special Molicote paste you lubricate your filter holder and group. Put the past under the ears of the filter holder and then you turn the filter holder into the brew group so that paste also comes in the tread. The paste…

    € 1,50
  • Shower Bezzera BZseries
    Shower Bezzera BZseries

    Shower 57mm for Bezzera BZ groups


    There is also a higher quality version available made by IMS

    € 2,95
  • Pistonring / filterholder gasket Bezzera BZserie O-ring 8mm
    Pistonring / filterholder gasket Bezzera BZserie O-ring 8mm

    For Bezzera BZ serie machines wiht an 8mm o-ring. Please pay attention, there is also a BZ group with an 9,3 conical ring.

    71.2x55x8.1 mm



    It is recommended to order lubricating paste for the filter holder after…

    € 6,95
  • Group gasket Bezzera Hobby V1 <2014
    Group gasket Bezzera Hobby V1 <2014

    68x54x6 mm

    Bezzera: 5493028

    Bezzera Hobby 1st series (57mm tamper), 2014 (V2) Bezzera: O-ring 8mm.

    € 7,95
  • Knob Bezzera Hobby
    Knob Bezzera Hobby

    Bezzera Hobby, BZ99 en BZ35


    Diameter 32mm, fitting 6x6

    € 7,95
  • Shower Bezzera IMS BZ 200 IM competition style
    Shower Bezzera IMS BZ 200 IM competition style

    IMS is the standard for baristas that participate at competition level. You can now also place this shower in your Bezzera! The surface is extremely smooth and the holes are perfectly distributed. An improved water distribution so…

    € 15,95
  • Bezzera BZseries showerholder Inox
    Bezzera BZseries showerholder Inox


    external ø 57 mm - height 7.5 mm - hole ø 5.5 mm

    € 21,75
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