Olive Oil

For many years, we are the proud Dutch importer of Juan Colin olive oil from Spain. For most consumers Spain is not directly an olive oil country in their mind, but this country is the largest oil producing country in Europe! After all, it were the Romans themselves that brought the olive tree from Italy to Spain.
Spanish oil is often golden yellow in hue and has a strong flavor and can have a peppery taste. Due to the improved extraction processes in the last few years, do not fall within the Spanish oils for the Italian.

Juan Colin we can truly a "virgin nerd" name, this man is traveling with his oil all over the world and has won also prices with his oil all over the world. For its olive oil used Juan Colin Arbequina olives, the olives are grown in the Spanish region of Montilla.

Besides the oil of Juan Colin we also sell olive oil of the prestigious winery Petra from Italy, also present in our selection of wines.

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