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Vibiemme has been making the machines from the Domobar series for many years, of which the Domobar Standard is by far the best-selling model. This machine will last 20 years! Provided it is properly maintained, but occasionally the Domobar needs thorough maintenance. On this page we give you some tips and tricks on how to thoroughly overhaul and possibly upgrade the Domobar. When ordering parts, pay attention to which Domobar you have, the Standard has a single boiler and must first be heated through in order to steam. The Junior and Super have a heat exchanger or Dual Boiler and have a tap for tea water.

- Broken heating element:

The heating element of the Domobar Standard sometimes burns out, this may be due to wear or limescale attack. Another common reason is that the element boils dry by steaming for too long and not refilling the boiler afterwards. To remove the element, the entire boiler must be removed from the machine. To loosen the couplings, use well-fitting, good-quality open-end wrenches so that the brass nuts are not damaged. The element must be removed with a 30mm socket (this is easiest with an air wrench). Once everything has been dismantled, we recommend immersing everything in a bucket with Calcinet descaling agent and then reassembling everything. Leave 1 pole of the element loose and only connect it after the boiler has been completely filled with water to prevent it from boiling dry! (If you have completely removed the boiler, consider insulating it) The Junior and Super have different elements, before ordering it is good to check which version you have so that you can order the correct one. Here too, it is better not to connect 1 pole of the element first so that the boiler can fill first (especially with the Junior 2B coffee boiler).

- Temperature adjustment:

The Domobar Standard and the Junior 2B are equipped with an adjustable thermostat, until 2012 this was in a thermostat tube, since 2012 the probe has been directly in the water. Over time, the thermostat tube tends to oxidize and leak, so it must be replaced. Often the probe no longer comes out and the thermostat also needs to be replaced. Adjusting the thermostat requires some patience and adjust it in very small steps. After each adjustment, wait at least 5 minutes to check whether the temperature is correct. The old thermostat with tube can be replaced by the new version that sits directly in the water, which requires a new connection.

- Group overhaul:

The E61 group from Vibiemme is largely the same as the modern E61 group (see the tips and tricks of the E61 brewing group) It is recommended to purchase the specific VBM overhaul set, all parts of which are suitable for the VBM group. There are a number of things different with VBM: The trumpet can sometimes become completely stuck with chalk. Loosen the 2 M6 Allen screws and then use a ring spanner 22 and place it on the cap of the trumpet. Now try to move the entire trumpet clockwise a bit. If this does not work, you can also tap a few taps to the left and right in the rear bolt hole with a punch pin. When reassembling, the rear M6 hexagon socket screw of the trumpet must be provided with a little Loxeal. The trumpet is fitted with a Teflon ring at the bottom of the group housing. The collector of the controls is also attached to the group with 2 Allen screws. In this video we show you the overhaul of a VBM group:

- Steam tap:

The spindle of the steam tap of the Domobar Standard is sometimes broken and no longer closes properly and the steam pipe will drip while making coffee or even while heating up. The spindle or entire steam valve must then be replaced. If the spindle is still intact, you can replace the valve (carefully press it in the vice in the spindle) and the o-rings. (mount the spindle with a little heat-resistant grease) The taps of the Junior and Super are the same and work in the same way as described above for the Domobar Standard.

- Over pressure valve (OPV):

The Domobar series is equipped with an OPV that ensures that the pump pressure is 9 bar. Over time, both the pump and the OPV will become worn and can be easily replaced. The OPV can be adjusted by placing a blind filter in the group and reading the pressure on the manometer or by placing a filter holder with a manometer in the group.

- Upgrades for VBM Domobar:

Over the years we have come up with a number of adjustments that improve the Domobar or make it more beautiful. We would of course be happy to share these adjustments with you!

- Boiler insulation, which is easy to install when the boiler is out and makes a significant difference in power consumption and the machine also reaches temperature faster!


- Walnut accessories:
A walnut handle and E61 lever give the machine a completely different look! Unfortunately, a walnut knob cannot be fitted to steam taps without adjustment. The 6x6 walnut knob can be placed on the spindle, but the VBM screw is too short. This is not a standard thread, in order to insert another screw you must cut the thread with an M4 thread tap. Then the button can be placed on it.

- Steam tap upgrade:
The existing steam pipe of the Domobar has the disadvantage that it can only be moved up and down. We install a compact steam tap with a 1/4 nut and provide it with a universal steam pipe, spring adapter and Teflon ring. You can carefully bend the pipe between the boiler and the tap slightly. We provide the hole that remains with a green light that we connect to the empty pole on the thermostat, so that it lights up green when the boiler is up to temperature. The knob of the Vibiemme Replica or a walnut handle can be mounted on the heating tap. This can be secured with an M6 nut.


Vibiemme Mercury and Replica

The Vibiemme Mercury and Replica are robust catering machines that can last for many years. The difference between the two machines is in the housing and the steam taps, other than that many parts are the same. The machines with semi-automatic groups have an adjustable dosage, which you can set yourself as desired. This is very easy: - Fill the filter holder with version coffee - Turn the filter holder into the group and place the desired cups under the filter holder - Press the right button (star/rinse) until the light on the keypad flashes - Now quickly press the button you want to set, the machine will now pump - Press the button again when the dosage is as desired - Wait until the light on the keypad stops flashing before using the machine Setting only involves coffee in the portafilter and most machines copy the dosage from the left to right group, so set it on the left. If there is a difference, you can also set the right group after setting the left group.

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