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Repairing your machine yourselves can be very fun and it is obviously a considerable saving. If you want to repair itself a number of things are very important:

- Be careful and use common sense: we work with power (220 volts !!!) and heat (+ 100 degrees !!!)
- Make sure the machine has cooled down and remove the power plug from the socket
- Good tools are very important, good appropriate wrenches and screwdrivers prevent a lot of damage!
- If you are unsure of your case, stop and bring the machine to a professional for help.
- D.R. Trading is not responsible for any damage that arises during the own repair of your machine.

We have tried to sort the parts much as possibleby brand, but there are also a number of collections of general parts. If you can not find something or do you not know, mail me your question.


- Cleaning: Cleaning your espresso machine is perhaps the most important of your entire coffee experience! Old coffee grounds give a bad taste to freshly brewed espresso. The life of your machine is reduced by the impairment of coffee to the materials of your machine. Machines with a three-way valve (Rancilio, Ascaso Professional and others) or E61 brew groups should be regularly back flushes, see here for the E61 instructions. Always consult the instructions of your espresso machine or see our specific instructions per machine.

- Descaling: Descaling the machine has to be done occasionally. The frequency depends on the type of heating source (boiler, heat exchanger or thermo block) and the hardness of the water in your area. For most machines, 1 or 2 times per year is sufficient. Use a descelare which is especially designed for espresso machines, no vinegar. Look at the description on the package for a specified instructions. The use of a lime filter on the suction hose is recommended. Exchange this every 6 months, if the water is very hard replacement shoud be done earlier. Always consult the instructions of your espresso machine or see our specific instructions per machine.

- Temperature: The correct temperature of the brewing unit is very important for your espresso. One way to see if your machine has the right temperature is to take a look at the color of the crema (espresso coffee beans, the grinding right and dosage!) If the crema is too light in color, the temperature is too low. The crema is very dark or when it even disappears, the machine is too hot. Measuring the temperature with a thermometer gives normally a different outcome and will be much lower than the real temperature. This is not a way that we use to test the temperature.
The way in which water comes out of the brewing unit (without filter holder) is is a good visual way to see if the temperature is in the right direction. The first water must come together with some steam / vapor, the first water should be between 90 and 100 degrees. The steam should decrease rapidly.
For machines with a heat exchanger one can adjust the the pressure up or down (see E61 instruction). Lime can provide a low temperature. For machines regulating the temperature with thermostant one can play with many different temperatures.

- Coffee grinders: Coffee grinders should be cleaned every 6 months, do so by removing the grinder apart. For most grinders one can turn the upper part out. Clean everything with a brush and vacuum cleaner. (Beware of loose parts) Clean the bean container with hot water. Grinding Discs have a long lifetime, with proper maintenance. You can feel with a finger if there are no burrs are on the disks. Stones and other debris through the coffee can damage the discs. Always consult the instructions of your grinder!

- Pipe threads: In espresso machines the factories make use of gas thread, this special thread with the first idea what crazy dimensions. Always turn threaded gas connections fixed with a Teflon tape / gas tape or a nut-lock to prevent leakage. Alway clean the thread!

M: stands for "Male" the male side
F: stands for "Female" the feminine side

Conversion Languages ​​gas thread in millimeters


Gas thread

Diameter theard

(Outside in mm)



1 1/4
1 1/2




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