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In addition to selling espresso machines and parts, we have our own workshop. We have been doing repairs and maintenance on the better espresso machines for more than 30 years. Repairing is not an end in itself and we only offer this as a service for QuickMill espresso machines and a limited number of other machines that we sell new. In order to guarantee the workload, waiting times and quality in our workshop, we have had to implement a number of important changes in 2023. That is why we still accept limited machines for repairs and unfortunately we no longer accept 'new patients', so we can also keep the turnaround time for repairs for our regular customers short. If you have purchased an espresso machine from us or would like to do so, don't worry, you can always contact us for the right and fast service.

On this page you can read everything about our new working method.

PLEASE NOTE, we will not accept repairs until January 1, 2024 

Which espresso machines can you contact us for repairs:
- QuickMill 800, 900, 2800, 3000 (no Evolution 70 series) - QuickMill / La Messoni fully automatic (not 5009)
- Vibiemme Domobar Standard (no other types)
- La Piccola Sara and Piccola Piccola
- La Pavoni Europiccola

- Rocket espresso machines, provided the machine was purchased from us
- Lelit Mara and Bianca, provided the machine was purchased from us
- La Pavoni Giotto/Guru, provided the machine was purchased from us
- Demoka coffee grinder provided the grinder was purchased from us
- Eureka Mignon Specialita & XL provided the mill was purchased from us

- Espresso machines that have been repaired by us after 01-01-2022, in consultation and provided that they are not in the list of exceptions at the bottom of this page.

How to take the machine for repair:

You can bring your espresso machine in for maintenance/repair during our opening hours without an appointment. You can park in our own parking lot in front of our door. We will receive the machine and note your complaint and wishes. You will also be told above what amount we will call for consultation (see further below under costs)

How does the repair work:

We handle orders on a first-come, first-served basis and we aim to have the machine ready within 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we may deviate from this due to circumstances and varying offers.

We do not do repairs while you wait or on location, for a good diagnosis and repair we prefer to do this at a time when we can take a good look at this.

We also do not schedule repairs, the waiting time starts when the machine is brought in.

During maintenance and/or repairs, your machine will be completely checked and cleaned. In addition, each machine is descaled and we replace standard wear parts, but we also know based on experience what could break down in the future. We prefer to tackle this preventively. We test the machine thoroughly and when we are satisfied we ensure that the machine shines again. You will receive a message by SMS that your machine is ready and you can then pick up the machine again within our opening hours. Of course we test the machine carefully, but unfortunately something can sometimes be overlooked. We request that you notify us by email within 7 days of the repair so that this can be resolved. We provide a 3-month warranty on the parts that are installed.

All machines are provided with a unique number so that we have a good idea of ​​the maintenance history of your machine.

What should I supply with the machine:

Please bring the filter holder with the machine so that we can properly test the fit. For E61 machines, please also bring the water reservoir. Please leave all other loose parts such as drip trays, cord, etc. at home to avoid confusion, we have these available ourselves.

What does a repair cost:

We are regularly asked whether we have a standard rate for a specific espresso machine. As easy as this seems at first hand, in practice it is not that simple. After all, every situation is different, we look at the specific condition of your machine, so you maintain a reliable espresso machine. We charge a labor fee of €75 per hour including VAT, in addition to the parts we install. You can also see the prices in our webshop. In this way we want to show the most transparent price structure possible.

Of course we do have a number of guidelines:

- QuickMill 800, 2800 and 3000 series - Service between €75 and €100 - Repairs quote from € 150,-
- QuickMill / La Messoni 5000 - Service between €100 and €150 - Repairs quote from € 150,-
- E61 heat exchanger/single boiler (Rocket Giotto/Mozzafiato, Lelit Mara and Vibiemme Domobar) - Service between €150 and €200 - Repairs quote from €200
- Semi Professional Dual Boiler (Rocket R58, Lelit Bianca) - Service between €200 and €250 - Repairs quote from €250

If the costs are within the pre-agreed amount, you will receive a text message when the machine is ready. If we expect to reach this level during the diagnosis, we will contact you by telephone for an explanation and quotation. The investigation costs are €30 and only apply if you waive repairs when submitting a quote. These research costs expire if you purchase a new machine from us.

Can I also send my machine? 

You can also send your espresso machine via PostNL, but unfortunately we often see damage caused by this. When you send the machine, please pack it in a sturdy box with sufficient buffer and which we can easily pack again. The original box with protective equipment is preferred. Add a description of the defect and your details. We charge €17.50 for returning the machine including packaging and insured shipping (against loss, no damage!). Please note: we only return a machine if it comes with sturdy shipping packaging, otherwise you will have to pick it up yourself. Both sending and returning a machine is at your own risk and, as mentioned, damage occurs regularly. Semi-professional machines cannot be sent by post, this can be done by courier, which costs € 37.50.

Which machines do we not repair:

Due to crowds and limited availability of good technical staff, we have unfortunately had to make a number of decisions to maintain our workload and quality. We can therefore no longer accept the following machine for repair:

- Francis Francis (all versions)
-ECM Heidelberg
- Sage/Brevile/Solis
- Pavoni Domus Bar
- Lelit different from Mara and Bianca
- Vibiemme Domobar Junior and Super Dual Boiler
- Londinium
- QuickMill Evolution 70 and 6000
- Creme
-Izzo/Alex Duetto
- Profitec
- Bezzera Duo/Matrix
- Gaggia Classic
- Macap
- Mazzer
- Mahlkonig
-Rancilio Siliva
- Spinel
-La Marzocco
-La Cimbali

We recommend that you contact the dealer where you purchased the machine for repairs of the above machines.

We do not handle warranty claims for third parties.

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