Naked filter holders

A naked portafilter, also called an open or bottomless portafilter, is a very nice barista tool to use in your espresso machine. Besides the fact that it looks very cool how the espresso comes out of the filter, it is a very good indicator of whether everything about your setup is in order. Everything has to be right, grinding degree, dosage, temperature, pressure and tamping. If that is all correct, the espresso will come out nice and creamy as 1 thick jet in the middle of the filter. So this is an excellent method to see if you're tamping your coffee perfectly straight and your grinder grinds consistently. Due to the lack of the bottom and spout, you get an even creamier coffee with a beautiful crema!

Do you want to get every shot perfectly out of the naked portafilter? We advise you to use the Motta adjustable coffee dispenser!

Most naked filter carriers come with a 21 gram filter. For a good result it is necessary to dose a little more coffee than standard, so you always make a double espresso with a naked portafilter. Instead of the standard 21 gram trays, you can also opt for a less deep filter tray from IMS, these have a nice distribution, which also works very well. With a naked portafilter you will therefore always choose to make a double espresso, actually also the best form to make an espresso. With a 1 cup filter, a naked filter carrier unfortunately does not work, channeling will occur, causing it to spray in all directions. The IMS "The Single" filter baskets can be used for a single shot, although it remains slightly more difficult than with a double shot. 

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