Ascaso Tips and Trucs

Maintenance of your Ascaso: Disassemble the shower every 2 weeks and clean it. Clean the edge around the adapter plate and the piston ring with a cleaning brush.

When the machine begins to leak along the filter holder, the piston ring must be replaced. To do this, remove the adapter plate and clean it thoroughly. Also replace the O-ring adapter plate and possibly damaged bolts. We have a complete revision kit availble. (please check if your Ascaso has a boiler of thermoblock)

Descaling should be done at least every six months, depending on the quality of the water.

- Year of construction of your Ascaso: Ascaso has been innovating in recent years, and the machines are getting better technically. If you want to order parts from the webshop, please check the year of your Ascaso. With the technical improvements, some parts have also changed. We have indicated the years of construction at the parts where necessary. (please check if your Ascaso has a boiler of thermoblock)

We devided the machine in a couple of catagories:
Dream, Steel, Arc and Basic (ground coffee)
- Series 1 and Series 2 (UP) <9/2012 (boiler) (also Innova)
- Series 3> 9/2012 (thermoblock)

Dream, Steel, Arc and Basic ESE servings / Pods with fixed filterholder.

Steel PRO (FESSIONAL) (Boiler)
- Series 1 <6/2009
- Series 2> 6/2009

- My Ascaso is not warming up: This can have 2 causes, either the thermostat and the safety thermostat are broken or the heating element of the boiler is broken. Both can be tested with a multimeter. The resistance of both the safety thermostat and the element should both be almost zero.
If the safety thermostat is broken, always replace the coffee thermostat, which is defective, so the safety thermostat has been broken.
If the heating element is broken, the top of the boiler should be replaced in its entirety. Always disassemble the boiler so that you do not break the boiler level pipe. Thermostats and connections can be fixed with telfon tape or Loxeal. Always install a new boiler seal to prevent leakage!

- Temperature: The right temperature of the brew heas is in important paramount for your espresso. The best way to see if your Ascaso has the right temperature is to check the color of the crema (Provided that you use espresso coffee at the correct grind and dosage!) If the crema becomes too light, the temperature is too low. If the crema becomes very dark or even disappears, the machine becomes too hot. Temperature measurement with a thermometer usually results in a different outcome and usually much lower (there is a lot of heat loss in the outflow and in the cup. This is not the best way to test the temperature)
The way water from the set-up group (without filter carrier) is also a good visual way to see if the temperature is in the right direction. The first water must have some steam / vapor, the first water must be between 90 and 100 degrees. The steam must decrease rapidly.
If your Ascaso has a deviating temperature then the coffee thermostat can be worn, replacing is easy. Always ensure that the filter holder is loosely placed in the machine so that it also has the correct temperature.

- My Ascaso keeps water dripping after making coffee: If water from the brew head continues to drop, replace the spring and valve, in most cases this is the right solution. Also clean the seat in the boiler where the valve is closed. The machine may also get too hot, then replace the coffee thermostat.

- My Ascaso is leaking water through the steam pipe while making coffee: The spindle of the steam tap will be worn. Unfortunately, the spindles of older Ascaso machines are no longer in production. The solution is to replace the complete steam tap for a new type. This model is much better!. When ordering this complete steam tap, you will also receive a hose and fitting to connect the new steam tap. With older Ascasos, new the steam tap may not fit directly into the housing; cut out the inner plate slightly.

- The screws of the adapter plate are stuck: A correct fitting crosshead screwdriver is the most important. Should the heads be broken down, we have special tools for this purpose: please bring in your machine for repair. (It can be done with a left-handed wire tab. Take care of cheap tabs, they break easily and afterwards it is no longer possible to do anything, be careful not to drill the head too, be careful to not drill too deep!) Alway replace damaged screws, otherwise the problem will be back next time!

- I have an Ascaso Steel PROF (ESSIONAL): Please notice that there are different types of Ascaso Steel:, there are also Steel Prof series in addition to the standard Steel machines. (Eg UNO PROF and DUO PROF, see type of image on the machine). These machines have a larger boiler and a larger diameter of the brew head. The same set / boiler is used in the Ascaso BAR.

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