Spare parts Gaggia Classic


The parts of the Gaggia Classic can be found on this page. The parts of the Gaggia Evolution Color are similar to this, as are the group of a number of Kitchenaid machines.

Most parts are for model Sin 035 9303/11 (before 2015) and the newest Gaggia Classic Pro models. Please note, if you have a newer Gaggia (from 2014) you will have a different brewing group with different parts. Also recognizable by the following: Model Sin035U (Romania) and Model 9403/11 (Romania) Also recognizable by: - Stainless steel boiler - Filter holder with plastic spout (3/8 ”thread) - NO solenoid valve (three way valve) - Switches off automatically when the machine is not used for 9 minutes. For this model, only the pump, shower strainer, filter holder and filters are the same as the older models.

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