Spare parts QuickMill 820 pipes

  • Sleeve pressure pipe QuickMill
    Sleeve pressure pipe QuickMill

    Sleeve to secure the pressure hose in the pump diaphragm of QuickMill models. Self-clamping, so slide over the new pipe and then tighten. This bush is included with the QuickMills with an old model solenoid valve and also with the…

    € 0,75
  • Pipe tank / pump QuickMill / Ascaso
  • Filter sunction hose
    Filter sunction hose

    Prevents dirt in the machine, no limescale filtration. Suitable for hose 4x7 and 5x8

    QuickMill PL0950FI

    Lelit MC042

    € 2,75
  • Silicon pipe 4x7mm 1m (standard)
    Silicon pipe 4x7mm 1m (standard)

    If you choose several meters, we will deliver that as in 1 piece. For example, 3x1 meter is supplied as a piece of 3 meter

    € 2,95
  • Purifier standard
    Purifier standard

    The ideal way to reduce limescale in your machine. Suitable for all types of espresso machines with a hose in the water tank.

    This purifier, is filled with resin granules and works according to ion exchange.

    The standard…

    € 5,95
  • Pressure pipe (pump-solenoid) QuickMill 820/810
    Pressure pipe (pump-solenoid) QuickMill 820/810

    Pressure pipe between the pump membrane and the solenoid valve of the QuickMill 810 and 820.

    A new sleeve must be mounted on the side of the pump membrane: OT0800OV

    On the solenoid valve side, this pipe can be secured with the…

    € 8,95
  • Pulsator Steam QuickMill
    Pulsator Steam QuickMill


    € 39,95
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