Spare parts Pavoni Giotto

  • Screw cover ECM/Rocket M3x12
  • Circlip spindel ECM/Rocket type 2
  • O-ring water spout
    O-ring water spout



    € 0,75
  • Spring filterholder 58mm
    Spring filterholder 58mm

    For all machines with a 58mm filter (inner diameter = tamper diameter)

    Replace this spring when your filters fall out the portafilter.

    For E61 machines, Bezzera BZ series, QuickMill, Rancilio, Gaggia, Vibiemme, Marzocco, Cimbali…

    € 0,75
  • Washer spindel ECM/Rocket type 2
  • O-ring steampipe universal
    O-ring steampipe universal

    This ring is located at the bottom of the nut of the connection of the steam tap and fits in with many models of espresso machines. If the steam or water pipe moves stiffly, or if it leaks at the knee joint, replace this ring. We…

    € 0,95
  • Gasket closer steamtap Universal
    Gasket closer steamtap Universal

    Closing gasket for the steam/water tap of the universal tap, but also for La Marzocco, ECM II, Pavoni and others.


    € 1,25
  • O-ring water tank ECM/Rocket silicone
  • Filter suction hose
    Filter suction hose

    Filter for the suction hose of the QuickMill 3000 series or for the ECM and Rocket Giotto / Cellini and many other types 6mm, suitable for the 4x7mm and 5x9mm silicone hoses Prevents dirt in the machine, no lime filtration.

    € 3,95
  • Pistonring / filterholder gasket ECM / Rocket Espresso 8mm
  • Spout watertap
    Spout watertap
    € 6,95
  • Empty valve 1/4 low
    Empty valve 1/4 low
    € 7,95
  • Manometer E61 brew group
    Manometer E61 brew group

    Upgrade your E61 brew group with this beautifull manometer. You can use the m6 tread on the front of you group, use tape of loxeal to avoid leaking. Ideal for espresso machines without a pump pressure manometer.


    € 21,95
  • PID Temp probe 1/4 Inox
    PID Temp probe 1/4 Inox

    Probe ø 6x25 mm - Thread ø 1/4"M bsp

    For Bezzera, Izzo/myWay, Rocket, ECM, San Remo, Lelit ea.

    A199904679 Rocket

    € 29,95
  • Steam tap universal Type 2
    Steam tap universal Type 2

    Including for the modern Giotto and Cellini machines, but also for use on other machines as a universal replacement for steam and/or water tap.

    Please note that the button has a slightly different model than the original buttons,…

    € 29,95
  • Solid state relay 25amp 220/12VDC
    Solid state relay 25amp 220/12VDC

    Relay Bezzera, Rocket, Pavoni, Izzo and others with 12 volt PID system.

    25 amp

    Output 220-240V Input 4-32VDC

    € 44,95
  • Steam/water tap "lever"
    Steam/water tap "lever"

    This allows you to switch your espresso machine from the normal steam/water taps to the so-called push or lever taps. By operating the handles you have instant water or steam. Suitable for mounting on your existing…

    € 44,95
  • Watertank Premium/Evoluzione
    Watertank Premium/Evoluzione

    Just the reservoir, here you can transfer the old parts. For models with a collector at the bottom of the reservoir, it can be unscrewed and mounted in the new one.

    ECM MILANO: Giotto/Cellini Premium & Plus Series


    € 45,95
  • -33%

    Overhaul kit E61 brew group (complete)
    Overhaul kit E61 brew group (complete)

    Kit for complete overhaul E61 brew group:

    Supplement 0,5mm
    Filterholder gasket 8mm
    Ring 1
    Ring 2 3x
    Ring 3
    O-ring upper pipe (2x types)
    Group thread
    Rubber lever rod 2x
    Lever rod
    Springs valves 3x
    Spring lever rod

    € 89,95 € 59,95
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