E61 Brew group

How to descale your E61 machine: This depends on the type of boiler; There are three different types: a single system, a single boiler with heat exchanger (HX, Heat Exchanger) or a double boiler. For the single boiler you only need to descale it. When your machine has an HX boiler you need to descale the both coffee and the tea / steam section separately (see below). In double boiler, both boilers must be decaled.

(How to descaling can also be found on in the manual of your machine, here you can also find which type of boiler you have)

Descaling the HX Boiler: Our experience is that a professional descaling powder will work best for the E61 brewing and boiler. First, make sure the boiler is empty. Do this through warming up the machine completely and then switch off the machine. Open the water tap and the hot water will be forced out of the machine. Now the boiler is empty

Dissolve the powder in lukewarm water in the ratio as described on the packagin, fill the reservoir with this sollution. Turn on the machine and it will automatically fill the boiler. If the boiler is full, then let the water run through the brew group so here also comes water with descaling. Then let the machine heat up and turn it off and let stand for 3 hours.

Rinse the reservoir, switch on the machine after 3 hours, and let the machine heat up. Rinse the brew group by pumping clean water though . If the boiler is at the right temperature, turn off the machine and let all the hot water drain out via the water tap. Repeat this until the water no longer smells / tastes (rinse average 3x).

Lubricating the E61 brew group: Use heat resistance grease to lubricate the rubbers in the lever rod of the brewing group and the spindle of the steam / water tap. Ordinary Vaseline/grease will burn / melt away. We have a special portion pack.

Thickness of the group ring / piston ring. The thickness of the rings group you need depends on the wear and tear off your machine. By default, there is a 8mm ring in the group, as the group / filterholder becomes worn there may be needed a thicker ring in the group so that the filterholder which may be far less moved to the right. Also there can be added a paper shim of 0.5 mm. A handy solution, also to see if it makes any difference.

Right temperature of the brewing group: The correct temperature of the brewing unit is of paramount importance to your espresso. One way to see if your group has the right temperature is to take a look at the color of the crema (only with espresso at the right grinding and dosage!) If the crema too light in color, the temperature is too low. If the crema is very dark or even disappears, the machine is too hot.

If the machine is too cold? The pressure in the boiler could then be raised. In a HX machine you can screw the pressure up on the adjustable pressure switch. Please note that when you rise the pressure to much the overpressure protection will intervine and will issue steam! Look carefully at the manometer of your machine, do not go into the red. Lime can also sometimes be the cause, descale your espresso machine.

If the machine is too hot? There may be a number of causes. The pressure of the boiler (and thus the temperature) may be too high, screw the pressure on the pressure switch down. If the pressure is too low but the brew group is too hot, the thermal heating in the brew group can reduced by putting in a yet in the upper pipe from the boiler to the brew group.
The brew group can also be too hot when the upper valve does not close properly. In this case there leaks a little steam from brew group when the machine is at operating temperature. Another feature of a broken upper valve is that it takes a while before water comes out of the group if the group is run. Replace the entire valve or valve rubber.

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