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Lubricant for filter holder (Portion)

€ 1,50 (including VAT)

With this special Molicote paste you lubricate your filter holder and group. Put the past under the ears of the filter holder and then you turn the filter holder into the brew group so that paste also comes in the tread. The paste is specially made to run two identical materials alongside each other, in this case our brass filter holder and brew group. With the use of this paste you will experience that filter holder moves more smooth in to the brew group and can be turned further. Our portion is enough for 1 or 2 treathments. The past is of course safe to use in an espresso machine coffee.

Suitable for all machines with brass filter holders such as the E61 brewing unit, Rancilio Silvia, QuickMill, Marzocco and of course many others.

Extremely suitable when your QuickMill 810 or Rancilio Silvia just keeps on leaking slightly in spite of a new group gasket or when you place a new filter holder in your older brew group.

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