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DB924 Caffè beans 1kg

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Specially blended coffee in honor of Dante Belardinelli, the most famous roaster in Florence. In his hometown called "il re del caffe" ("the coffee king"). Unlike the Jolly Caffè Crema and Illy Caffé, DB's has a percentage of Robusta beans. The coffee has therefore a little spicier taste and gets a full thick crema layer.

The blend consists of 70% Arabica beans (+/- 7 different species) and in 30% Robusta coffee beans are added. Robusta are native to Indonesia and Brazil. The beans are roasted separately by type, and then blended in order to obtain a balanced blend. The coffee is by the addition of Robusta, next to espresso preparation also ideal to prepare a good coffee in a normal fully automatic machine. The full intense flavor also gives in the cappuccino a pleasant presence.

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