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Quamar M80E Alu Polish

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The Italian manufacturer Quamar makes high quality coffee grinders for a competitive price. Our favorite of Quamar for the home barista is the M80E Grind-on-demand coffee grinder. The M80E sits between a professonal and a domestic grinder. The grinder is fast and very accurate and also easily adjustable. On top of the dispenser funnel is a clear menu that everyone can use. By means of the menu, the dosages can easily be set for both the 1 and the 2 cup doses, but also for a 3 cup dose (for example for a naked filter holder). The number of cups can also be read.

The M80E is very precise and stepless adjustable, just what you need for your perfect espresso. The grinding blades are made of solid hardened steel and the maximum speed is 1600 rotations per minute. The exterior is polished aluminum, beautiful next to a Giotto for example!

The characteristics of the Quamar M80E:
• Speed ​​per minute: 1600
• Power: 420 watts
• Diameter grinding discs: 63 mm
• Operation: Manual
• Material cover: Plastic
• Display type: Push buttons
• Grinding blades: Flat
• Brand: Quamar
• Color: Alu polish
• Weight: 13kg
• Type of grinder: Grind on demand
• Type: M80E
• Content beans: 500 grams
• Material grinding discs: Steel
• Kind of grind: Espresso-, fine and coarse grind
• Adjustable grinding settings: Infinitely variable
• Dosage: Adjustable dosage, 1, 2 and 3 cups

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